What makes Sandcastle Doggie Playcare different from a normal doggie daycare?

Doggy daycares allow your dog to interact and play with other dogs. This is a good thing, as your pet is exercising while running around with the dogs, often in a pack-like environment.

Sandcastle Doggie Playcare has group play periods for your dog–but also recognizes that physical exercise is not the only thing your pet needs. As a veterinarian, Dr. Bellingham has seen many pets with medical conditions originating from boredom and stress. Debbie Mag, as an animal shelter manager has seen many pets surrendered because the animal had destructive behavior, escaped all the time, or the owner just did not always have sufficient time for their troubled pet.

Recognizing dogs’ need for mental stimulation, Sandcastle Doggie Playcare interacts with our four legged clients through games, puzzles, and reward based training exercises. Our facility is designed to support this environmental enrichment. We do not simply turn your dog out in a “pack” for the day.

Who will be looking after my dog?

The dogs will have Debbie Mag and Dr. Bellingham interacting with and watching over them. Read more about them here! Additional trained support staff will be added as needed.

So Dr. Debbie is a vet! Do you offer vet services?

Dr. Bellingham is happy to work in conjunction with your pet’s veterinarian in cases where your pet has a medical condition. Pets that are recovering from surgery may also attend Sandcastle Doggie Playcare and recuperate in our quiet zone. Pets needing ongoing cold laser therapy may receive treatment from Dr. Bellingham. However, please note that the Sandcastle Doggie Playcare location is not a veterinary facility.

Can I leave my dog overnight?

Sandcastle Doggie Playcare is a day long service from 7 am to 6pm. There are no overnight boarders at this time.

What will my dog be doing all day?

We have a full day schedule that you can check out here!